Wednesday, May 17, 2017


From the May June 2015 Dairy Route Letter

Greek style yogurt (thicker and creamier than conventional yogurt) now represents 20% of the total yogurt sales in the USA, in spite of its premium price—mostly because it has twice the milk protein of regular (straight from the milk vat) yogurt.

Whey proteins are being added to a plethora of milk-based drinks for extra nutrients and energy for the time and weight conscious.     This is the “new” dairy growth sector.

All this suggests that at least for “multiple component pricing” milk markets, the protein content of the milk you sell will have an increasing impact on your income.

Protein (of the Kappa casein variety) is of course the major component of all the cheese you now see more prominently displayed in deli cases and specialty food stores.

Protein (of the Beta casein variety) now has a growing role in genetic selection, first in the awareness of the “A2” variant as superior to all other bovine variants for those who have family histories in autoimmune diseases (autism, childhood onset diabetes, etc).

There is much momentum among organic markets to provide an “all A2” milk supply.    Activist consumers have indicated a willingness to pay a premium for assured A2 milk and medical practicioners are becoming aware of how “all milk is NOT the same”.

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