Sunday, November 5, 2017

Time to wean calves (check pregnancies) (plan next season’s breeding)

The fall club calf sales are in full swing and are a good opportunity to check up on the sort of calves various popular sires are producing.

The major fall and winter shows offer a similar opportunity.
If you can fit them in, they will add to your base of information.

For those pursuing specialty beef marketing (rather than club calf sales) it might be worth a trip to the Eastern City Market (Detroit) where you can see how others are entering into “direct market” efforts and the consumer responses they get.

If you have a desire to market “grassfed” beef keep track of fall events posted by Lake City Experiment Station (MSU) or by Shorty Hochstetler of Topeka IN.

We are here to help you with the cattle or forage genetics your program requires.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Understanding TH and HCA recessives

Recessives are somewhat simple—if momma carries it, and daddy carries it, you have a 50-50 chance the calf will exhibit it.     Those recessives noted as “lethal” cause death.

If you wish to avoid ever having a TH or HCA afflicted calf, just avoid using carrier bulls on any daughter of a known carrier.

What is “TH” recessive?      Stands for “Tibial Hemimelia”    (origin in Shorthorn breed)
Calf will exhibit abdominal hernia, distorted pelvis and rear legs, exposed brain and/or spine tissue.
Such calves if born alive tend to die soon after birth.

What is “PHA” recessive?    Stands for “Pulmonary hypoplasia and Arasarca”   (origin Maine-Anjou)
Calf will have small lungs, filled with fluid, and will lack lymphatic system develop.
Such calves tend to be stillborn;  a certain percentage of such conceptions may abort prior to term.