Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Will lower milk prices mean less sexed semen is used?

From the July August 2015 Dairy Route Letter

Many dairymen use “sexed” semen to insure an adequate replacement supply given fast cow turnover rates in their herds.     “Cow turnover” gets blamed on lots of things, but—
And common sense will tell you this is true—the biggest fault may be our random use of aggressive genetic selection at least without proper compensatory mating to balance it.

If you are using sexed semen, we sell the ST Genetics program, which is owned by the company that controls the patent on the sexing process.     The benefit of their years of research in perfecting the sexing process and semen recovery is available in their sires.

If you would prefer not to use sexed semen, but wish to insure adequate replacements, consider utilizing the “aAa” breeding guide as your mating program—the herds with the most longevity at competitive production levels tend to be “aAa” users, and usually have a surplus of heifers from normal reproduction.

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