Sunday, October 15, 2017

Seasonal tank storage and New tanks

You will notice when we arrive we have a new truck (Ford Transit Cargo van- white) and it has more floor space, easier ingress and exit.   There will be no more excuses when you want your tank brought in for winter storage—we are better set up to pick up and deliver.

Need a new (or newer) tank ?

We have a couple “nearly new” CT-20 tanks for sale.    These had a few months spring rental use, but have protective jackets and are in “like new” condition.   We have them for sale at $500 each.    They have six canisters and would hold 48 canes max.

We also have a Taylor Wharton 18XT for sale used at $300.   This tank is one model series older than the latest (XT20) T-W design.    This would be a good upgrade for any herd still using an AL-20 or LD-21 (which must be filled every eight weeks).   It has four canisters so would hold 32 canes max.

Your present tank (as a working tank) would have some trade in value.   

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