Saturday, June 10, 2017

Linebreeding -- when it works: Inbreeding -- when it fails

What determines success or failure?     Since Genomics were introduced, we should have reset our thinking on “inbreeding effects” away from pedigree and point it where it comes from – gene possession.

Animals can appear unrelated and possess many genes in common: animals can appear closely related and yet not possess as many genes in common.    Thus predicting physical characteristics and functionality of the physique from pedigree alone has always been an inexact exercise, that has proven elusive as well under linear trait mating.

Identifying the physical genotype (which is not the same as linking a few gene markers to linear traits) to date has not been a focus of much scientific exploration.   But it has been the 65 year focus of “aAa” breeding guide and has contributed to the success of linebreeding as well as the avoidance of inbreeding effects as sire pedigree relationships continue to increase.

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