Wednesday, June 21, 2017

After a couple generations of Genomic selection, 55% of the market continues to value “progeny evaluated” high reliability% sires.

This is worth thinking about when you are being pressured to turn 100% of your breeding over to one AI stud and its computer mating specialists.    There are some competitive alternatives that keep you in control of your breeding program.

Genetic selection is a powerful tool IF you focus selection on real needs in your herd, not the various “one size fits all” assumptions that have turned genetics into another commodity you buy at the lowest bid price.    Why are so many dairymen unwilling to pay more than a token price for AI breeding?    Because they are not seeing results they can measure in anything beyond the mediocre lifetime production, high health costs and   expensive reproduction of the average commercial dairy cow.

In earlier days, expansion dairymen used to say “you can’t milk a registration paper”.   Today, many dairymen are starting to also say “you can’t milk an index rank on paper”.
If your goal is to breed “real cows” from the cows you have, CALL US.

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