Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Ideal Mating Program Would

Match sires to cows so as to avoid replicating faults possessed by the cows in their offspring.

Follow a process that covers the total physique, such that new faults (not possessed by the cows) are not produced in their offspring.

Produce a physical cow fully capable of harvesting all of the genetic value involved in sire selections.

Produce cows more adaptable to any changes that may occur in her present or future environment.

Be focused equally on sustaining production over a full cow lifetime, rather than accelerating production at the expense of reproduction, health expenses, or total herdlife—thus producing a herd that is actually multiplying and thus allowing discretionary (genetic) rather than all involuntary culling.

Is there a program with such a goal, and does it have any proof it works?
Consider the “aAa” Breeding Guide -- added to your current emphasis on genetic selection.

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