Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mark Bardall’s cow earns EX-95 type score while milking 150 pounds per day on 2x

Mark Bardall owns 20 purebred Holsteins within the 100-cow herd of Roger Kiko of Carrolton OH with whom he works part time (Mark is a former herdsman for the OSU Ag Tech training dairy).     They are aAa clients of Greg Palen.     Starting from a GP daughter of Townson Lindy who analyzed 5-1-6, Mark used Maughlin Storm (aAa 1-5-6) and produced a VG88 cow still in milk at ten years.   Based on an aAa of 4-2-3 for the “Storm”, Mark used Regancrest Elton Durham (aAa 4-3-2) and produced the committee score cow above (her fourth scoring—VG85, then VG88, then EX92, now EX95-2E).      She in turn has her first milking daughter scored VG86 as a two year old—that sire’s highest scored first calf heifer.

Holstein USA’s type classification system only makes 2% of all cows scored “Excellent” (90 or higher).
It requires a committee of three classifiers to agree for a cow to score 95 or higher, and they account for less than 10% of all cows scored “Excellent”.    So this is a great honor for Mark, who has bred other VG and EX cows from his small herd, but never one as exciting as this one.

Mark’s comment: “You don’t need every hot bull that comes along, but you do need the right bull at the right time for the cows you have.    I value aAa as a tool that helps me to avoid making bad matings, and as all good bulls have some bad daughters, with a small herd I cannot afford to get them.”

Roger’s comment: “In a larger herd, you play the percentages.    The best cows keep it interesting, but it is avoiding the bad ones that makes you a profit.   With aAa I get more good ones and fewer bad ones.”

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