Monday, May 13, 2024

How much milk does the “genotype” produce, compared to your cows’ “phenotype” ??


The “genotype” is the microscopic DNA and RNA within the cells of your cows, which holds the pattern for the “potential” life the cow could experience.  

The “phenotype” is the physical cow standing in front of you, the result of how her “genotype” was filtered through her environment growing up.    It reflects how that genotype “adapted” to the environment.     It is the “real” cow rather than the theoretical, “potential” cow.

To produce the best “phenotype” you cannot depend on Genomics alone, which at this point only considers 15% of the total genes passed through conception.   Knowing that, why pay so much more for Genomic information that can easily be determined by keeping records of pedigree ancestry?   

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