Thursday, January 13, 2022

“Real numbers” – reminiscing over a 45 year AI career


I started a registered Holstein herd in 1978 on a shoe-string when cow prices were twice today’s sale values.    Just like today, operating bills seemed to eat up the entire milk check.   To pay off these cows, I needed them to last long enough to replace themselves, with a few extra to sell.    We selected bulls from long life cow lines: we mated them according to “aAa”.   And it worked.   The debt is gone.

Lots of people asked me, “Why registered?  You can’t eat a piece of paper.”    Isn’t it ironic that so many who thought that way, now think they have to have the high Genomic numbers to make cows that will milk?  In the end, are not those “values” just numbers on a piece of paper also?    Are these theories economically sound?   

Add a little common cow sense to your breeding program, free yourself from the tyranny of higher-cost, technology-intensive breeding – give us a chance.   What always worked before, that paid off lots of farms, can still work today. 


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