Thursday, January 6, 2022

Keep cattle breeding in the hands of “breeders”


The USDA and the FDA are fighting over who will “control” (approve and regulate) the results of “gene editing” (making GMO animals).    This technology, which has  grown alongside the ability to “clone” animals, is being promoted as the way that “overnight” we can have ALL animals possessing some desired gene that currently has to come from careful mating and breeding selection.

Can the industry afford another technology that takes genetic control away from the farmers who depend on it, and gives that control to an industrial entity that will expect us to pay royalties for use of their “patented” technology?    Has there ever been a provable increase in yields from the technology fees you already pay for GMO corn and soybeans?     Is the market willing to pay for that cost increase?

The cattle breeding industry remains virtually the last aspect of production agriculture that still controls its genetic destiny.     Genetic selection gains still exceed the market growth rates.  

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