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CONCEPTIONS   Dairy Route newsletter                                  Spring 2019

The choices have increased as this newsletter highlights.    In addition to those sires listed inside, do not overlook 525 HO 117 Ja Bob REX PP Red a homozygous polled “Red” sire who is A2A2 Beta Casein, calving ease, and noted fertility.

We are now seeing the first of polled Fleckveih sires in the dairy type lines as well.   In all, we have polled sire choices in Holstein, Red & White, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire and Fleckveih.

Polled is the ultimate “convenience” trait, once combined with other genes that have value (such as A2A2 Beta casein) your breeding program can align with what is most attractive to consumers and animal activists.



We are currently featuring  80 HO 338  Hulsdale B MACNUTT PP 99%   (aAa 243615)   (A2A2)

MACNUTT PP is owned by Browndale Specialty Sires of Ontario, and is currently #1 Type of all
homozygous polled sires (+14 Conf CDN), is the #1 LPI (3172) both for A2A2 Beta Casein and all polled sires, and is the #1 rated Feet and Legs bull (+16 CDN); not bad at +11 Mammaries.

CDN rates him +1050 kg Milk EBV with outstanding +0.25% butterfat and +0.12% protein.  His young dam “Hulsdale B Science Malaki P” is already VG-88 at three years of age, and her dam “Hulsdale B Windbrook Mahalo” is scored EX-90 at six years of age.

Think of all the points at which “MACNUTT” offers you a premium value both for convenience of guaranteed POLLED calves that will produce premium value butterfat and protein, walk on correct legs and feet, with “robot ready” udders, and he is that rare A2A2 Beta Casein source.


We also remain pretty excited by 777 HO 408  Falonasprings Jacot HULK P RED   (aAa 345216) whose unique dam is seven generations of EXCELLENT mature scores and has a lifetime 4.9% butterfat with 3.6% protein, milked in both Ohio and Alberta.     His sire “Jacot” is high type, high bf%, high pr% and no longer available in the USA—so “Hulk” offers access to rare blood.

No longer must Holstein breeders sacrifice anything to acquire the POLLED trait.   The best of cow lines, the best current sires, the best type, combines with long lifetime productivity at a premium milk price within our POLLED sire choices.


International Protein Sires has made a serious commitment to polled:

JERSEY:   566 JE 106   Golden Dream American PHARAOH P    (aAa 456231)  (A2A2 Beta casein)
This guy is 100% pure Jersey (not a JX) and ranks #1 for DPR and LIV, #8 for PL among Polled bulls.  Note his 17-year-old grandam is alive, still milking, with a multiplying maternal line.

JERSEY:   566 JE 108   Dutch Hollow OSCAR P         (aAa 234165)  (A1A2 Beta Casein)
This guy is 100% pure Jersey also and is maternal brother to the famous Duch Hollow Oliver P.   Their dam just finished a 305 day lactation begun at 7 yrs 8 months of 27650 lbs milk.    He is an elite type (#2 polled Jersey) with highest Jersey Udder Index of all polled sires.

JERSEY:   566 JE 109   Wetumpka Listowel NIGEL PP    (aAa pending)  (A2A2 Beta Casein)
Homozygous polled with +.07% butterfat and +.03% protein values.   +1.40 type as well.   100% Jersey pedigree, first four maternal dams all 5.2% to 6.0% butterfat

HOLSTEIN:  566 HO 1205  CLOUD NINE P *RC (aAa 216345)      7.8% calving ease                  

HOLSTEIN:  566 HO 1214  SIREN P                     (aAa 351426)      6.8% calving ease

HOLSTEIN:  566 HO 1228  LETS DEAL P *RC     (aAa 456231)      7.8% calving ease

HOLSTEIN:  566 HO 1234  PICK ME PP              (aAa 243156)      7.9% calving ease      A2A2

HOLSTEIN:  566 HO 1243  NEW DEAL P            (aAa 342516)      6.4% calving ease

HOLSTEIN:  566 HO 1249  FREEDOM PP           (aAa 243156)      8.3% calving ease       A2A2     

HOLSTEIN:  566 HO 1259  RAMP UP PP *RC    (aAa 432516)      6.7% calving ease       A2A2

HOLSTEIN:  566 HO 1285  CHILE PP                   (aAa 351426)       8.2% calving ease      A2A2

HOLSTEIN:  566 HO 1289  PRIME RIB PP *RC  (aAa 213465)       6.4% calving ease

HOLSTEIN:  566 HO LOYAL P RED                      (aAa 213645)       6.9% calving ease       A2A2

 New Generation Genetics now offers its first Polled Brown Swiss choice:

54 BS 586  Double W KADE *NP           (aAa 432)   A2A2 Beta Casein  and   BB Kappa Casein

+.10% butterfat  +.05% protein  with 395 pounds of milk  2.87 SCS and +3.0 DPR

+0.80 type with consistently plus linear traits on  udders           New options in polled choices

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