Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A Time of Change

 It is said there are three kinds of businessmen: those who make change happen, those who watch change happen, and those who wonder what just happened.


It is also said that every couple generations, we try to reinvent the wheel—which is a droll way of saying we fail to see that what is needed may already be here.


When it comes to restoring profitability to the business of breeding meat cattle, we need to understand the trends in meat consumption (so we target growing market sectors over those sliding into commodity price mediocrity) as much as we need to be able to figure our production costs under competing scenarios.


There is no doubt that planting a high energy digestible perennial grass pasturage and then training ourselves to manage cattle to graze it optimally, cuts farming cost costs significantly compared to annual row crop production and confinement feeding, in which the ruminant functions are inhibited.

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