Monday, January 11, 2021

What most impacts on your future price of milk?


We know TODAY that your butterfat production is more than 50% of your total milk check value.    Next in line is your protein production, which not only affects cheese but yogurt and food ingredient milk powders.    Fluid (bottled) milk is now a distant third, with skim milk varieties declining in consumption.    Thus POUNDS of milk is not a profitable breeding goal—PERCENT of components, at lower level of bacterial cells (SCC), certainly is NOW and in the foreseeable future.

As for the FUTURE milk market, consumer demand is forcing a less “commodity”, more specialized array of premium product categories.    For bottling milk, it will be the A2A2 Beta Casein variant milk that carries a premium for those conscious of their health, their digestion and especially for families fighting auto-immune disorders.    For specialty cheeses, BB Kappa Casein offers up to 15% more cheese yield, AB Kappa Casein up to 7% more cheese yield, than the same volume of AA (“standard”) Kappa Casein milk.

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