Sunday, August 27, 2017

Breeding for healthy cows keeps the milk company happier

Here we have an industry that has been “dumping” milk for nearly two years, producing more milk than our marketers can sell.     This will only end when enough dairymen go bankrupt, and enough poor cows get shipped, to bring supply back in balance with demand.

In the meanwhile, higher quality and specialized character milk is in demand.    Decisions you make in the management of your current herd and the genetic selection for your future herd, help to qualify you for the premiums that consumers will pay us for—longer shelf life, better flavor, specific nutrient content, less processing before it hits the store, applicability to auto-immune diseases, better documented care of cows.   These are the factors driving future access to premium milk prices—not volume.

Mating selection for improved milk quality is a reality today—inside you will find some ideas to help.

Supplementation in direct support of the immune system has the advantages of being “prevention” rather than “treatment”.    Higher SCS is more difficult to “treat” than to prevent by understanding what are the real factors in production of somatic cells in the milk.

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