Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It was probably inevitable

From May 2010 Route Letter

USDA’s Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory (AIPL) over the past two years has developed AI conception rate summaries for sires, assuming calculations previously done by regional Dairy Records Processing Centers (DRPCs) such as Provo, UT and Raleigh, NC.

Now it appears the Sire Conception Rate data will not be updated for April 2010 summaries—it seems that one of the larger midwest DHI programs (owned by an AI cooperative) only chose to report data on sires with “their” stud code!        (AIPL’s website indicates they will address these problems.)

Sire summaries for production, health and fitness (fertility) traits are only as good as the data collection and on-farm sire ID procedures used by DHIA.    Nationally, almost half of DHI data arrives at AIPL in a condition that indicates errors, thus throwing it out for sire and cow indexes.      

If you are on test, do not take shortcuts with the data you submit to testers who are not being paid extra for getting the paperwork correct.    If you need our help with sire registration numbers (simple format errors in the number of zeros in a stud code will get sire IDs thrown out) let us know.   Also do not let testers determine your culling reasons for why cows leave—all this information has genetic value only when it presents causes accurately, rather than a pre-conceived (thus historically biased) picture.

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