Saturday, September 6, 2014

SORGHUM SUDAN may act as a deer repellent around corn fields

This subject came up at the recent Byron seeds/Masters Choice information meetings.   It appears that if you plant a couple drill passes around a corn field with BMR Sorghum Sudan, the deer do not find it as interesting to them as corn, and may not walk across it to reach your corn plantings.

Given the palatability of most Sorghum Sudans to cattle, this is a surprising statement.   But deer are not as adapted to the more recent forage crops as they are to field crops to which they have had generations of exposure (corn, soybeans, alfalfa).

Either way, a band of Sorghum Sudan you can harvest for cattle feed while waiting for the corn, means you do not end up knocking down bushels of corn from your headlands and check rows at harvest.

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