Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Having trouble budgeting all the technological breeding expense ?


There have always been more than one successful approach to breeding a herd of cows that gets more productive and profitable in each generation.   But only the approaches that are covered by patents generate enough money to advertise…

More tried and true methods that can be self-managed and achieved at a lower operating cost may only come your way by word of mouth.     Do you need sexed semen, Genomic testing, IVF- ET generated service sires at the highest rankings, Ov-Synch control over cycling, OR do you just need semen from “good bulls” at a reasonable cost and a bit of guidance on which bulls match the physical qualities of your cows?     (Which can get your cows bred $100 per cow cheaper than when you swallow all the patented technologies and their associated genetic theories.)

Dairying today remains a high overhead, low profit margin commodity production business.    We provide a low cost, practical and sustainable approach to creating profitable long-life herd replacements and preparing for premium market opportunities.    Give us consideration!


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