Friday, March 4, 2022

Update on what UPS is charging for shipping semen tanks

We just sent a UPS vapor shipper to Bennett Colorado. It was standard size, 31 pounds full of nitrogen and able to hold 13 canes of semen. The outbound charge was $ 82.49 and returning tank (via Return Label) was $ 83.56. This adds up to $ 166.05 for transport; in addition there are usually charges for nitrogen and rental of the shipper. Thus the totals are generally $ 200.

As you plan your spring semen needs, consider that if your sire selections are available at Cattle Visions we are an authorized Dealer, generally have shipments every two weeks in the breeding season, and when pooled with each other’s needs we cover those shipping expenses.

We will charge you the same price for each bull as they are priced at Cattle Visions. Thus we are able to save you $$ by covering the shipping expense... and you do not have to deal with a trip to town to return the shipping container either.

Bonus: we pour nitrogen into these shippers when they arrive. Semen is cooled to liquid N2 temperature (180 degrees colder than vapor temperature in the shipper) before we take it out, thus your semen is handled safer and will arrive in better condition than if you have to take it from the shipper at your farm without nitrogen in the straw cups. Our effort is to insure your conception potential at time of insemination. What is that worth on premium price sires?

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