Sunday, December 20, 2015

First Hand Customer Account: observations on the effect of CONKLIN “Fastrack”

From the June-July 2013 Dairy Route Newsletter

A phone conversation that occurred in March between Sue and a favorite customer:

“My baleage in 2012 was ‘junk’ compared to our normal feed quality.     It only had 10%-12% protein although its energy values [from fiber digestibility] were closer to normal.     Our milk protein dropped to 3.0% and we were afraid the milk or butterfat could also fall as the season progressed.”

“Now with FASTRACK added (1 oz per cow per day) we are up to 3.2% protein and our butterfat is at 4.5%.     While we have not seen a production increase (it will take spring grass to raise that) we did not lose production either.     Those kinds of components raise the milk check values, and it is clear from the cow health this winter that FASTRACK keeps good rumen action.”

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