Thursday, May 14, 2015

Which form of lime are you using?

Increasingly, alfalfa growers are discovering the benefit of gypsum lime over forms of lime previously used.    The gypsum lime is higher in sulfur than any other form, and it is the sulfur release into soils that raises the nutrient energy content, acting with the calcium to “sweeten” the normally bitter green alfalfa plant.    Gypsum lime is an aid to the grazing dairyman who wishes cows to eat green alfalfa in his pasture mixes, but it has an equal value to bunk feeding dairymen who just want as much nutrient energy density in their alfalfa forages as possible.

Check the alfalfa you are feeding.   Hollow stem alfalfa is low energy alfalfa.    Meaty stem alfalfa is high energy alfalfa.   While some varieties are genetically better than others for fiber digestibility and leaf to stem ratios (check out new Kingfisher 243 and standby Kingfisher 444), periodic application of gypsum lime makes all alfalfas better feed. 

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