Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Whose Genetics do we Represent Today?

The merger of Taurus-Service, Inc into Taurus-ST  (the semen marketing arm of Sexing Technologies division of Inguran LLC) combines in one program what we used to offer individually from Taurus and Trans World Genetics.      If the sires you are seeking have stud codes 76, 151, 203, 523 (sexed) or 551 (sexed) or 576 (sexed) we have them or have access to them.
Genetics Australia, CRV Ambreed and selected LIC New Zealand sires of interest to the grazing and crossbreeding dairy remain available from Taurus ST as well (stud codes 160, 97 and 190)..
International Protein Sires has consolidated its sire marketing under stud code 566 (with older sires showing codes 6, 54 and 99 as originally entered in the CDCI evaluation ID system) and has expanded from its original Holstein and Red & White focus into Jersey as well.
Triple Hil Sires (stud code 525) is a specialty AI source of Holstein sires with deep maternal cow line pedigrees, high type individuality and longevity, and is positioning itself as a source for harder to find “aAa” mating phenotypes.

Burket Falls (stud code 120) offers its own Red & White herd sires from two key cow families that include the A2A2 Beta Casein gene as well as naturally polled heads within efficient body sizes.

New Generation Genetics (stud code 54) has the largest Brown Swiss offering available.

We continue to explore sire offerings to cover the broad range of interests of our customers.    Genetics has become international and we maintain a wide outlook.

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